What Makes Our Beef Different?

What does it mean that our beef is “natural” and “pasture fed”?  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and others have spent a lot of time parsing the meaning of terms like “grass fed,” but our goal is to do things the right way, regardless of how they’re labeled.  So what goes into the beef we sell?


Our beef is raised on the “home place.”

We raise our beef cattle from calves, so we know everything that’s happened to them from before they were born until they are delivered to your door.

Our beef is natural.

We don’t use added hormones, growth promoters, or beta-agonists.  Given enough time and the right kind of nutrition, a calf will produce beef!  That’s how we do it – we provide the nutrition and we let our cattle grow on their own.  At 3-4 months of age, we vaccinate against some of the most common diseases in our area – we care about the well-being of our animals too much to let them catch easily-preventable, potentially fatal diseases.  But after that, they receive no antibiotics.

Our beef is pasture fed.

Our cattle have access to open pasture all their lives, and they get the majority of their nutrition from grasses and legumes.  So what’s the difference between “pasture fed” and “grass fed”?  Well… we live in a part of Texas where the grass doesn’t always have all of the nutrients cattle need.  So, between the time that our warm-season forages have given up for the year and our cool-season forages hit their prime, we supplement our animals’ diet rather than allowing them to lose weight and suffer.    We consider it part of caring for our animals well (and allowing our cattle to endure such stress would not be good for our cattle or for beef quality).  During that time, up to a fourth of our animals’ diets may come from supplemental feed, but even then, our cattle are in the pasture getting most of their intake from forages, and we work to supply supplements that cattle would naturally choose to eat if given the option.

Our beef is cut just how you want it.

We sell beef by the quarter, side, or whole animal.  When you place an order, we’ll ask you how you like your meat – how thick do you like your steaks?  How big do you want your roasts?  Would you prefer stew meat or just lots of good hamburger patties?  And then we have your meat prepared just how you want it before we deliver it to your door.

Don’t know what you want?  Don’t worry… we can help you through the process.  We’re proud of the beef we sell, and we want your experience, both in buying and savoring, to be the best it can possibly be. Get in touch today to learn more.